Language courses

Conversational Estonian for beginners and pre-intermediate learners.

We aim to improve conversational Estonian language skills by reading about and discussing everyday topics, recent events, Estonian traditions, places of interest and cultural life. Students will foster their listening comprehension, develop reading, writing and grammar skills.

At our language centre you can learn the following languages: English (including business English), German, Russian, Estonian, Finnish.

Courses in mini groups (up to 6 students). Ours teachers are highly qualified and motivated. We appreciate each student’s needs and try to make the most of the advantages of group study combined with personal approach.

Private classes is the best solution for clients whose workin schedule does not allow to attend study courses in a group or who wish to learn languages accouding to their specific needs and flexible timetable.

Courses for company employees

A study course for employees of a company can be organised either at the company or our study centre.